Author Guidelines

Thank you for considering our journal for the publication of your research in the field of social sciences. To ensure a smooth and efficient submission process, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Manuscript Preparation:

    • Manuscripts should be written in English and follow a clear, concise, and coherent writing style.
    • Use a standard font (e.g., Times New Roman or Arial) with a font size of 12 points.
    • Double-space the entire manuscript, including references, tables, and figures.
    • Number all pages consecutively.
  2. Title Page:

    • The title page should include the title of the manuscript, names and affiliations of all authors, and corresponding author's contact information (e.g., email address).
    • Provide a short running title (not exceeding 50 characters).
  3. Abstract and Keywords:

    • Include an abstract of no more than 250 words summarizing the main objectives, methods, results, and conclusions of the study.
    • Provide 3 to 6 keywords that accurately reflect the content of the manuscript.
  4. Introduction:

    • Clearly state the objectives and purpose of the study.
    • Provide a concise review of the relevant literature and establish the theoretical framework for the research.
  5. Methods:

    • Describe the research design, data collection procedures, and analytical methods employed.
    • Provide sufficient detail to enable replication of the study.
    • Clearly identify any ethical considerations and approval obtained for human subjects research.
  6. Results:

    • Present the findings of the study in a logical and organized manner.
    • Use tables, figures, and graphs where appropriate to enhance clarity.
    • Avoid duplicating information provided in tables or figures within the text.
  7. Discussion:

    • Interpret the results and relate them to the research objectives.
    • Discuss the implications of the findings and their contribution to the field.
    • Address the limitations of the study and suggest future research directions.
  8. Conclusion:

    • Summarize the main findings and their significance.
    • Avoid introducing new information or repeating what has already been stated.
  9. References:

    • Follow a recognized citation style American Psychological Association - 7th (APA) consistently throughout the manuscript.
    • Cite only relevant and reliable sources, and ensure all references are listed in the reference section.
  10. Supplementary Materials:

    • If applicable, include any supplementary materials (e.g., datasets, survey instruments) to support and enhance the research.
  11. Manuscript Submission:

    • Submit your manuscript electronically through our online submission system.
    • Ensure all required documents are included (e.g., manuscript, title page, abstract, keywords) in a single file (preferably in ms.word format).
  12. Peer Review Process:

    • All manuscripts will undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the highest quality of published articles.
    • Expect feedback and recommendations from reviewers, which should be addressed appropriately in the revised manuscript.

Please note that these guidelines serve as general instructions. For detailed information regarding formatting, style, and specific requirements, please refer to the journal's website or contact the editorial office directly.

We look forward to receiving your submission and contributing to the advancement of social science research. Should you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.